"Fool's Check-mate"

| 0 | For Beginners

 First, I'd suggest being white (goes faster) if your not and the other player does the first move I'm going to show you, then do the block( showed at the bottom of this article). The first move is to move your "Pawn" in front of the "King" forward one or two spaces, then after the opponant moves, move your "Queen" to a spot where it can take the "Pawn" in front of the opponant's "King", then the opponant moves, then you move your "Bishop" to where it can take the same "Pawn" as your "Queen" then the opponant moves (if the opponant moved anything in the way of your "Queen" or "Bishop" then abort, or if after the first move the opponant moved their "Knight"(from their point of view) forward two then one spaces then abort) then take the "Pawn" in front of the opponant's "King" and it's "Fools Check-mate"! That last move I showed you that the opponant did that's the block (the move with the "Knight").