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  • | May 28, 2008

it is importaint to study tactice while learning how to play the game. a good website for this is after ariving you press sign in as a guest, then under break settings check both boxes and click update settings then the picture in the top left hand corner will change and you click start tactics. because you sign in as a guest it is FREE it really helped me in the begining of chess improve my ratting 100 points just doing a few a day


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       1001 Brilliant Chess Sacrifices and Combinations, by Fred Reinfeld is the best. 

       He also wrote a companion book 1001 Ways To Checkmate.

       Another view of this is to imagine 2002 chess diagrams all about destroying your opponents.

       Using these books, I have no need for any other tactics training (some of which is based on the first Reinfeld book).  If you run across one of these books, pick it up.  It seems it may be possible to download the first book online, I have been told. 

       After that I go to and study the games of Tal, Alekhine, Bagirov, Sokolsky, Bird, Marshall, Diemer, Kasparov and Tartakover to copy their styles.  Particularly Diemer, Alekhine and Bagirov in order to learn more about the Blackmar-Diemer Gambit, the Nimzo-Indian (as played by Alekhine) the Nimzo-Larsen Attack and Alekhine's Defense (as played by Bagirov) Kasparov's games with the Sicilian Schveninengen.  Marshall's games with Black in the Queen Pawn Openings are very valuable these days.  These are defenses where 2.c4 (the Queen's Gambit) is not played by White.  The Colle goes back 100 years, so why not ways to combat it as well?  Marshall had some answers.  If you think Frank Marshall was not a good player look at the game Livitsky - Marshall (Poland 1912).  It is one of the " Immortal Classics " of the game.  If you want to play the Petrov or Russian Defense, then Marshall is your man.  Throughout your life you will hear "study the games of the masters."  The games of the masters past and present.  Bobby Fischer is now one of those who has passed into chess history.  If you like to play the Sicilian Najdorf and King's Indian Defense, Fischer is your man.

       All that is missing now is a study of the endgames in which Irving Chernov's book Practical Chess Endings is my guide.  Very practical indeed.  For all those who would rather learn at the computer or have no source for chess books just remember, (even if you are running Fritz, Rybka or chessdata bases) openings do not win chess games - people do.  Otherwise what would be the point of tactics studies?  Databases help you to bypass almost all chess traps, (many of which using databases you are not even aware of) since databases do not suggest losing moves.  Do not get hung up on openings.  Openings do not win chess games.   

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    Another good bit of information and another good source, thank you chessmaster. I still say that you should attempt to proofread your posts, using proper spelling and grammar, in order to increase the credibility of what you are saying.


    It is important to study tactics while learning how to play the game. A good website for this is After arriving you press "sign in as a guest", then under break "settings" check both boxes and click "update settings", then the picture in the top left hand corner will change and you click "start tactics". Because you sign in as a guest it is FREE. It really helped me in my beginning of chess, improving my rating 100 points by just doing a few per day

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    the tactics trainer on this site is also a good thing but its free to play three games a day
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