French opening, Advenced

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French opening is an opening that black choose, for an answer to the white famous 1.e4.

The french opening works on solid position for lack of flexibility.
The opening is 1. ... e6 2. d4 (usualy)  d5 (The strong point of the opening).

At this point white have  4 major option:
3. e5 close the board, when white want to use his space at the king side to attack and black want to cut down d5 pawn and the play f6.
3. eXd5 that open the game and makes a kind d4-d5 opening game.
3. Nc3  defends the pawn,  keep the center  unbalanced and keeps  white open lines.
3.Nd7 defends  the pawn,  keep the center un balanced and keep more solid position then 3.Nc3 because of Bb5, but blocks the white bishop on c1.

at this article we will discusse the advenced varitaion that goes:
1. e4 e6 2. d4 d5 3. d6








At this position black (by the theroy) plays 3. ... c5 to attack the d5 pawn  4. c3 (or Nf3 with nimzowistch system) Nc6 (or Qb6 with Bd7) 5. Nf3 (5.Bb5? Bd7 6. Be2 Qb6)  Qb6







At this point white have two moves, 7. Bd3 or 7. a3 (with b4), today the a3 is counted as the stronger, but we will work here at the classic Bd3.

7. Bd3  Bd7 (c:d5 is possible, but do you get the pawn?)

This is the classic opening, white usualy (but don't have to) plays Bc2 to make is harder for black to get into the center with the weird move 8. ... Nh6 with Nf5. I attack the center in a diffrent wey, with the new in theroy move g5, blakc knight take my pawn and i take his d5 pawn.









And now a few tactical problems for black French player:

 After black took his queen out, white put is bishop out on defence, punish him!









White saw the last trick and moved his pawn to avoid it, punish him!









You just took out your bishop as the opening say when the black took your pawn, what next? 








Thats all for now on the basic French Advance opening.

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