Fried Liver Attack by GM Magesh and GM Arun

Fried Liver Attack by GM Magesh and GM Arun‎

GM gmarunchess
28 | Opening Theory

This week we shall deviate from studying main lines and focus on a side line instead.  At the request of some of our readers, this week we shall see The Fried Liver Attack (aka The Fegatello Attack) in the Two Knights Defence. The first known game in this system was played in 1610. Later in 1858 Paul Morphy employed this system in his famous Queen's Rook odds game and we shall have a look at this masterpiece.


After 6.Nf7 White develops a very dangerous initiative and it becomes pretty difficult for Black to cope up with the pressure. Though it is not a winning attack for White, it becomes very hard for Black to defend. In our next game we shall see a much better defensive technique employed by Black in which he managed to win the game. 
9.Bb3 instead of 9.Qe4 would have provided better chances for White. In our next game we shall have a look at a similiar idea (Nxf7) in a slightly different position. In this position World Champions like Fischer and Euwe used the Nxf7 idea with tremendous success, but again this idea worked well because of Black's careless Nxd5.
The 6.Nxf7 idea looks very dangerous for Black. Even with accurate defence White retains an edge. Hence 5. ... Nxd5, unless thoroughly analysed, cannot be played for Black. For White, this system can be recommended because the play is easy and can mount considerable pressure on Black. Since many players will find it hard to defend the position with his king stuck in the center, this system will be especially very dangerous against amateur players.
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