Gain 100+ rating points quickly and start improving your chess

Gain 100+ rating points quickly and start improving your chess

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Having been a chess master since 1981 my goal is to give back to the chess community everything I possibly can. I wish to share all my knowledge and enjoyment of chess with the world. You will be able to take the knowledge my simple teaching offers and apply it to your game and enjoy the benefits!

As my past articles, blogs, and free video lessons course point out online or correspondence chess is a great way to improve your game provided you treat it properly. You need to take your time. Ideally a few hours on a move is great but 15 to 30 minutes per move should be sufficient to prevent common blunders that constantly take place. I know this has I've done many videos of online chess games. As already noted many players consider online chess as a substitute for over the board chess and maintain a large number of games and never give any the proper attention they require in order to learn. Yo can take advantage of these players, and beat them if you take your time!


Benefits to online chess.

1)      You could look up the opening in books and databases. Great way to learn openings!

2)      You can analyze the position by moving the pieces around just as you do on completion of a real game. All great teaches agree analyzing your games helps you improve.

3)      You can consult endgame books and learn how to play them.


As I said you can gain 100 rating points quickly if you take your time. As my video lessons course points out when your rating goes up you will tend to be paired with stronger players then before. You learn by playing stronger players. Chess will become very enjoyable when you take your time uncovering the secrets every position holds.


My free video lessons group is one of the largest on with over 6700 members, and we aren’t even two years old yet! We hold frequent team matches and our forums offer support where you may have your games analyzed by our free coaching staff other members.


You may join the group here:


Also, if you like long games in one sitting on the internet, I have a group which promotes a time control of 90 30. This is 90 minutes to start and a 30 second increment every move. This time control is similar to the big money events that are common across the USA and the world. A good chess game should last 3 to 5 hours, and 90 30 has an e-time of nearly 4 hours. With over 3,000 members in less than a year’s existance, we specialize on you getting a game when you want it. No messy scheduling needed where you may end up playing at an inconvenient time.


You may join my World Standard Time control group here:


Also, I have partnered with GM Petar Genov of Bulgaria. His group may be joined here:

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