| 3 | For Beginners

These are just some general things... for beginners!

Make your plan but if circumstances change, formulate another quick! Don't continue, for example, building a pawn formation if the enemy is moving his pieces to attack your king.

Don't panic! Even if your queen has just died, having not moved all game don't surrender! You can now look for any openings your opponents taking of your queen has opened. Take advantage of them.

Look for openings! Don't move fast. Take a look at the board before moving. Then, hover your hand over your chosen piece and look again for a better opening. Then, if there isn't one, move it.

If you had decided to move a piece next turn, look at what your opponents move has done. Is your move still do-able?

I know these are basic things. But you are beginners aren't you... Smile

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