General strategic factors

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General strategic factors

Each of the three phases of the game has its own characteristic laws.there are gudelines that apply to the assesment of positions .the factors in the following list can not only modify the relative values of the pieces,they may also provide compensation for material deficit.

a) weakened king position

b)tempo advantage(often meaning a presponderance of forces near the enemy king)

c)spatial advantage(possesion of centre,files,ranks,diagonals and important key squares)

d)restricted range of action of a piece

e)vulnerabilty of pieces(often exploited by tactical tricks)

f)co-ordination and dislocation of pieces

g)weakness and strength of the pawn structure

when evaluating a position it is important not only the weak points in ur opponents camp,but also to consider whether ur forces in the relevant sector of the board to exploit them.

a)Weakened King Position

                                      after castling short ,the best way to protect the king is to keep the f g h pawns on their starting squares.the best defensive position for the Knight is f3/f6







To make a breach in such position u have to have a marked presponderance of attacking white can exchange and destroy the main defender-he doesntmind an exchange sacrifice:1 Bxf6 Nxf6 2 Rxf6 Bxf6 Qxh7 mate.some times u can destroy this kind of defensive position by sacrificing a piece on g7 or h7


if u have made black playh7-h6u can explot this weakness to destroy the kings position by sacrificing a piece-1 Bxh6 gxh6 2  Qxh6..or by opening the g file 1g4 and 2 g5.

if u manage to induce a weakening move g7- g6 u can break down the kings defences by advancing the  h-pawn-1h4 2h5 3hxg6 or by sacrificing a piece on g6.howeverwhite shuld try to exchange the dark square bishopin order to useh6 and f6 squares for establishing his own piece in the close vicinity of the enemy king.then opening of the h-m file and the destruction of the defences by a sac on g6 wuld acquire greater effect

against the weakening move f7-f6,white frequently manages to exploit a2-h8 diagonal and the g6 point for launching his offensive1Bc4+ Kh8 2 Ng6+ hxg6 mate


                                               i will post a master game evry weak to show the readers how to expoit this type of strategic factor and then i will move to the next strategic factors                                                         

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