Giuoco Piano | Chess Opening
The Giuoco Piano is a popular opening for beginners and grandmasters.

Giuoco Piano | Chess Opening‎

26 | For Beginners

The Giuoco Piano is a popular chess opening from the beginner levels all the way up to grandmaster. Giuoco Piano translates from Italian into the "quiet game". First, let's take a look at the beginning moves that make up this opening. 

The Giuoco Piano is a great opening since it follows the three pillars of opening strategy.

1. Control the center - Starting with 1.e4 controls the center and opens up the diagonals for the bishop and the queen.

2. Develop pieces - White quickly develops the kingside pieces to their best squares.

3. Protect the king - On move four, White is ready to castle.

The Giuoco Piano has been around in written examples as early as the 16th century! It reached its maximum popularity in the 19th century under great players such as Steinitz, Morphy, and Anderssen. Here is a game by the first world champion Wilhelm Steinitz showing the power of this opening.


1st World Champion Wilhelm Steinitz

To show you that the Giuoco Piano is still alive and kicking lets fast forward to modern times to see how the current World Champion Magnus Carlsen handles this opening.


Current World Champion Magnus Carlsen

Learn more about this opening!  The Giuoco Piano in our Opening Explorer!


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