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  • | Dec 27, 2008

Can anyone please list some good opening books for both sides? Cool


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    List of good chess openings books.....

    Many for the typical amateur or club chess player who has not yet added "Master" to their chess title, as well as books for those who have...

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    When I said it's not for beginners I ment that beginners should not play 1.c4 in first place. They should study open games first (1.e4). If you had your share of playing 1.e4 or 1.d4 and you want something less theoretical and more positional than this is the right book for you. In other words it is not too advanced.

    The system Kosten suggests is rather simple - you always play c4, g3, Bg2, almost regardless of what Black plays (with few exceptions) and just follow and modify your plan according to Black moves. So no transpositions to QP openings and such, just pure English repertoire based on c4 and KB fianchetto.

    Book review:

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    How advanced is "The Dynamic English"?

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    General opening books (highly recomended!):

    Reuben Fine - The Ideas Behind The Chess Openings (algebraic version)

    Larry Evans, Svetozar Gligoric et al. - How to Open a Chess Game (I don't know if there is an algebraic version)


    Repertoire books (depends what type of opening you prefer - e4,d4,c4,Nf3)

    (1.e4 is recomended for beginners because other first moves lead to more positional type of play):

    Lev Alburt et al - Chess Openings for White - Explained (complete White repertoire based on 1.e4)

    Lev Alburt et al - Chess Openings for Black - Explained (complete Black rep)

    John Emms - Attacking with 1e4 (very good White repertoire for amateur players)

    I don't know which book is good for 1.d4 because I don't play 1.d4 (yet!)

    Tony Kosten - The Dynamic English (very good repertoire book based on 1.c4, not for beginners!)

    Nigel Davies - The Dynamic Reti (1.Nf3, also not good for beginners)

    John Watson - Mastering chess openings vol.1 and 2 give good overview of most 1.e4 and 1.d4 openings...

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