Holiday Bots: 'Tis The Season Of Chess!

Holiday Bots: 'Tis The Season Of Chess!

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Ho, ho, ho! 'Tis the season to play chess! Santa's in town, and he's ready to play! Whether you've been naughty or nice, there are five brand new holiday bots that you can challenge here on Play them before they have to go back to the North Pole!

Play against the holiday bots.There are five different characters, each with their own personality and playing strength. Learn a little bit about each of them below.

Holiday Bots.
There are five new holiday bots available.

Powder The Snowman

Holiday Bots: Powder.
Powder the Snowman.

Playing strength: 800.
Powder is the newest member of the North Pole Chess Club. He's hoping to play some games before he melts.

Eve The Elf

Holiday Bots: Eve.
Eve the Elf.

Playing strength: 1000.
Eve is new to the game, but she's always willing to attack. As an elf, you'd expect that every piece she hangs is a present. Be careful, though! She might be setting up a trap!


Holiday Bots: Santa.
Santa Claus.

Playing strength: 1200.
Santa is busy preparing for Christmas all year long, but he always finds time to play chess. He's not as good as Mrs. Claus, but he's learned a few tricks along the way. Don't worry; he won't put you on the naughty list if you beat him!

By the way, as a present-giving expert, Santa recommends that you give your loved ones the best gift of all: chess!

Give the gift of chess!

Dash The Reindeer

Holiday Bots: Dash.
Dash the Reindeer.

Playing strength: 1600.
Dash is Santa's most powerful reindeer. He's an avid chess player and the Vice President of the North Pole Chess Club. He does look cute and harmless on the outside, but he'll send his pieces flying to the attack!


Holiday Bots: Holly.
Holly Claus, President of the North Pole Chess Club.

Playing strength: 2000.
Ever wonder why we don't see Mrs. Claus as much? That's because she's almost always home working on her chess! Holly is the President of the North Pole Chess Club and beats everyone who challenges her. Now, she's looking for new opponents from other parts of the world.

Are you ready to play a game against the new holiday bots? Then head to our Bots page and have a jolly good time!

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