How can become the internet leader for slow time control games

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  • | Apr 4, 2014

Let's summarize:

1) Every titled player in the world earned the honor by playing games averaging over 5 hours in length.

2) Playing long games on the internet is great practice for real in-person events.

3) Online chess servers do run automated tournaments, but usually for quick time controls. No other chess server in the world offers what I suggest below. It would be another feather in's cap and further proof they are the world's best interent chess server.

4) The problem with slow time controls and automated tournaments is you run into time zone problems.

The solution to making automated tournaments for slow time controls is simple. Let's look at what we have in place now:

1) You may place a customized seek in Live chess and hope it's accepted.

2) You may join the Dan Heisman Learning Center group with about 4,700 members in less than 2 years here:

By the way, Dan is one of the leading chess instructors in the world, has authored many books, and has a TV show every other Friday.

You will receive a welcome message from the group adminstrator how to get started in tournaments. you will be arranging games with other players at times convenient to you both.

My World Standard Time Control 365 days per year group is another option. We have over 3,200 members in just over 10 months. Initially, I began with 5 gobal start times in different world regions, Western and Eastern USA, Great Britian, India, and Australia. That got a little confusing arranging the games from those entering in advance. Now, if you want a game, just post a seek and advertise on our group wall. You get to play when you're wanting a game.

Join this group here:

Dan's and my groups are growing, but it's slow and steady. can reach the entire member base if it would run automatic slow tournaments. 

There are two methods to do this:

1) Have 1 round tournaments at a time control of 90 30 several times per day. 90 30 is a good time control. It matches up to what you find in big money events, and gives you plenty of time to think.

2) Run several monthly tournaments with one round per week on a given day. This similar to my world standard time control group. you no longer have to drive to your nearest chess club. The tricky but solvable part is to do what ICC does. Example, any of their special "Pear" or Saturday Morning Standard events, you enter in advance and are paired if you're online. If you aren't here, you don't get a game! just needs a bot to do this. ICC has one, so it's a doable venture. No need to notify you'll miss a game, and the annoying no-show forfeits are at a bare disconnection.

I offered something like this to the STC Bunch and ICC in 2011. They didn't want it. can take this suggestion and make it a resounding success. Dan Heisman's group has proven there is a demand for long games. you learn playing them and going over them afterward.

Dan and I support each other and how we are helping improve your chess game. If you aren't already a member of my free video lessons group, you may join it here, over 7,200 strong in less than 2 years!

I have a simple to follow program in my video lesson 001 that has helped countless players improve their game.

Please post a reply if you support my idea for to adopt automated long time control events.

Thanks for your time.


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    Regarding your suggestion #2 I think the STC Tuesday tourneys at ICC are like that, but they sometimes suffer from lack of participants in certain sections. With the huge player base that boasts, I am sure it would be a successful format here. Regarding suggestion #1, I would just love the chance of discovering that in a given day I have the time to play a long game and that there is a one round tourney waiting for me to be played! Oh! and do not forget to add optional timestamping! 

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    A great way to show the potential of slow LIVE chess is to participate in the week-end 90|30 tournaments that we periodically organize. The idea is that all the games are played at the same time, which makes it easy to spot. At some point, when the leaders will see 25, 50, 100 or 200 slow 90|30 being played simultaneously, they won't have any choice but to acknowledge the need. I want everybody here to know that I'm using a software for pairing, which enables me to handle an unlimited number of players

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    Great suggestion. I would also suggest adding 45|45 and 90|30 as defaults search options. There is no cost and no effort in doing this, and once such options exist - more and more players will choose it. What does has to lose?

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    It make scence.

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    yes to long time controls! 

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    Totally agree!!!

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    You have my vote!

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    I am all for it! 

    I enjoy already playing slow chess at ICC, but a regular series of tournaments just mimicking real OTB tourneys would be fantastic, specially for guys like me that live where local chess activity means one or at most two standard control tourneys a year whithin a 600 mile drive.

    Hope you are succesful with your plea, including the all too important automation part.

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    I support this. Please can we get this

  • 2 years ago


    nice idea. very helpful for beginners like me.

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    Great idea!

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    I prefer to play FIDE standard chess. This means that the time control is at least 60 minutes and a maximum of 210 minutes.

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    wooo I wanna join

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    yes, definitely support it

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    I support

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    Please note that there will be a slow LIVE 90|30 week-end tournament to take place May 31 - June 1 on It's name is «The Americas' Slow LIVE Chess Week-End Championship».

    As it's name suggests, this event, the very first of it's kind on the net I believe, will be aimed at the Americas' time zones. Rounds 1 and 3 will start @ 12:00 USA ET, while rounds 2 and 4 will start @ 17:00 USA ET. If it's conclusive, my intention is to spread the idea to other time zones. 

    For now, the only way to sign up for it is to enter the Slow  Live Chess Association, as the sign up forum is located inside this group. Click on the crest above to request membership.

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    If you have an ICC account and are looking for slow practice take a look at

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    Absolutely slow chess is the best way to go. Definitely there should be slow tournaments on a regular basis!

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