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How do grandmasters avoid losing, even when they get into trouble? Join GM Dejan Bojkov as he demonstrates his five key strategies for defending bad positions: recognizing key priorities, fortresses, stalemates, perpetual checks, and "the sticking defense."

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How To Defend: Key Priorities This video shows how to prioritize different defensive strategies. What should you look for when you're down material and don't want to lose the game?

How To Defend: The Magic Of The Fortress Sometimes in chess, you don't need an active plan to draw the game. If you can set up a fortress, then all you need to do is sit tight and wait for the draw. Follow along as GM Dejan Bojkov shows you the most important fortresses to know.

How To Defend: Last Chance Stalemate Stalemate is one of the most famous and important ways to make a draw in chess. Always be on the lookout to sacrifice material and force your opponent to stalemate you!

How To Defend: The Perpetual Defense When you're behind in a chess game, it often helps to focus your efforts against the opposing king. Even if you can't checkmate, you can draw the game by making a perpetual check. Join GM Dejan Bojkov and learn spectacular strategies to draw a bad game.

How To Defend: The Sticking Defense GM Dejan Bojkov finishes his coverage of defensive strategies with the little known, but essential, sticking defense! Often you can prevent your opponent from making progress by making persistent threats of your own. Watch the video and find out how!

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