How To Move The Pieces

How To Move The Pieces‎

13 | For Beginners

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The King And The Goal: This video demonstrates the goal of the game and how to move the most important piece, the king.

The Queen: This video shows how to move the most powerful piece, the queen.

The Rook: This video shows how to move the second most powerful piece, the rook.

The Bishop: This video shows how to move, an important long-range piece, the bishop.

The Knight: This video shows how to move knights, the only pieces that can jump!

The Pawn: This video shows how to move pawns, the piece that you have the most of.

Pawn Promotion: When pawns reach the last rank they can promote into another piece. You can learn how promotion works with this video!

Setting Up The Board: This video shows how to set up the board. Take a look and then do the lesson to practice.

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