How To Play A King Hunt
Take the king for a walk he will never forget...

How To Play A King Hunt

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We all love our ancient game for its beauty and inner logic, but have you thought about what attracts you most to chess? Some people would swear that there is nothing better than Jose Capablanca's positional masterpieces or one of Magnus Carlsen's endgames, where he demonstrates his magic.

While these are valid viewpoints, many chess players (especially those less advanced), might find those games plain boring. However, it is difficult for me to imagine a true chess player whose heart wouldn't beat faster seeing a good old king hunt.

The following classic is probably the best-possible example of a king hunt:

This brilliant game shows quite well how it should be done. By sacrificing some material, you lure an opponent's king to go forward, and once he starts moving forward he cannot stop.

Here is another classic game showing the same concept:

In many cases, after the initial sacrifice, you need to sacrifice another piece so the king doesn't change his mind and turn back to safety.

A very similar idea was recently used by the FIDE vice president:

Here is a cute version of the famous Legal's mate:

Finally, let's enjoy one of the most famous of Garry Kasparov's games:

The lesson here is quite simple: Whenever you play, always look for the chance to lure the opponent's king for a stroll.

Have you played a great king hunt? Share it in the comments.

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