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How to win a lot of games exploiting a serious common opening mistake

How to win a lot of games exploiting a serious common opening mistake

Aug 18, 2014, 12:00 AM 66 Opening Theory

I can speak easier than I can explain, so I made a short video. In essence, the common opening mistake being made in amateur chess is pushing rook pawns (a and h files) up one square to keep Bishops and Knights from giving pins or threatening forks. I've decided this defense is self-taught by people who developed their chess skills on the internet, and not from reading chess books.

Essentially, moving Rook pawns is bad for a number of reasons.

1) You weaken your pawn shield in front of your castled King

2) You don't develop a piece thus you fall behind and your pieces won't be ready when you need them.

3) You may allow a sacrfice on h6 or h3

4) Opposite side castling allows pawn storms, hence tension, and thus open files against your King occurs quickly.

Anyway, the video explains these concepts in detail. Have a look, stop pushing your Rook pawns, and learn to take advantage when your opponent does!

Direct link: http://youtu.be/XyjD2O3SGU4

My YouTube playlist (Correspondence Team Match) has a lot of games analysis of amateur games where these Rook pawn moves have been made. Come be part of all the fun, learn from my video lessons group!

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