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The 1 minute blitz game, or any game with short time controls is one of the exciting treasures of chess, one that brings excitement and logic, anxiety and miracles, and triumph and failure together - all in mere seconds. This post is aimed at improving your performance in blitz games - by informing you of the tips that nobody wants to tell you.

1. Take a deep breath before the game. If you are one to crumble under pressure, it is best to not fail before the game even has started!

2. When possible, repeat moves to gain time control. In tournament play, "time control" refers to a checkpoint in # of moves that marks the addition of more times. In blitz play, time control means repeating just under the limit (3 is the max, so 1 or 2 repeats only!) to catch your breath and think of future moves in that valuable time. Some players call this "hustling" or "pushing," but this is even used in top tournament play, among international masters and grandmasters alike. That said, I am not encouraging randomly checking or randomly moving pieces - I am referring to forced repeats, like perpetual check, etc.

3. Play correspondence games -'s Online chess feature. I know that could get boring waiting for players to move in a 3 day time limit, or having to press submit move, but this is where the tactics are discovered. This does not happen in blitz games, which are only a demonstration of tactics, and recognizing them. Once you learn openings and tactical play, blitz games will come naturally. Trust me.

Take these tips to heart and I hope this helps you improve!


Please feel free to post your own tips here, and help make this article the place for all who wish to improve in blitz play to come. Thanks!



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