Inside the Master Mind: The Dutch Torture

Inside the Master Mind: The Dutch Torture‎

IM TigerLilov
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My second article for December, part of the Series “Inside the Master Mind” is going to cover a game, in which I managed to beat the second strongest Bulgarian grandmaster after GM Topalov – GM Kiril Georgiev (FIDE rating 2670). The most interesting here was the this game happened to be with black again playing the Dutch. This game was played in a simultaneous exhibition in 2005 a bit later after I beat GM Topalov in another simul.

During the simul, it was more than clear that GM Georgiev wanted to beat all participants, which made my tast very difficult. Nevertheless, I relied on my ever favorite Dutch Defense and during the game I used it with such passion, that as GM Topalov, GM Kiril Geogiev was forced to divert from the main lines of the system and get into a less known variation, which though leave white with little or next to no advantage for white after the opening. Here is the game:

















It was amazing the fact that in this game, GM Georgiev fought more than four hours! During the last hour, since he had already defeated all of his other opponents, he grabbed a chair and sit against me, so we played face to face. The most exciting moment was when at last he greeted me and wished me to become a GM sooner. I was very glad and proud to feel the excitement of playing a serious game face to face with a strong grandmaster!

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