It's not about winning

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  I may be a beginner on this site but i've played before. Any way something that i think is completely wrong with chess (and trust me there is almost nothing wrong with chess) is that when u beat someone sometimes they don't take it so Gracefully. I'm not saying that about everyone but some people are like that. I may get a bit upset at times but i don't blow it out of proportion. A bit of advice. "It's not if u win or lose. It's about how you play the game."  I try to live by these words because they hold some truth. If i feel like i did my best, even though i lose, at least i will feel good about myself and it helps me understand that i may have a ways to go. (Not to mention it keeps my ego in check.) That's all i wanted to say. Because i bet it not only bothers me but others when they see people do that. I don't want to be mean i'm just saying if u lose that just means that ur not perfect like every other human being. (not counting the possible aliensWink)