ivanchuk dominates kasparov

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hello again fellow chess addicts. the following is the game that knocked morphy's opera game off my favourite game ever mantle. it is (in my opinion) a stunning example of positional genius.

chuky's pawns seem to have an understanding of each other that they will storm the fort come hell or high water. the pieces, dont get me started on the pieces they get along like a house on fire. chuk truly makes it look easy, elegant, and deadly. i cant provides annotations or commentary because i am a mere B class player. but bygolly this is a stunner of a game. i hope youse all love it as much as i do. i also think its great that the last move chuky makes is to castle, leaving kaspa in no doubt as to who is in charge (by the way for those who dont see it, kaspa resigns coz he will have to give a piece up for a pawn eventually)

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