Join The Study To Evaluate Lessons

Join The Study To Evaluate Lessons

| 93 | For Beginners is looking to recruit volunteers for a study on the effectiveness of lessons and training. 

Participants will be randomized into three groups: (1) members who complete exactly one lesson per day; (2) members who complete as many lessons as they want every day; (3) members who are not selected to be in the study.

To be eligible for the study, participants must meet the following criteria:

  • member for more than six months
  • Rated below 1000 in one of the following categories: bullet, blitz, rapid
  • Have played more than 300 rated games of a live time control with corresponding rating below 1000
  • Have not used lessons
  • Willing to follow a lesson assignment for six months based on the group you are assigned

Enrollment and compensation:
We will randomly select 300 total eligible participants to be assigned to the three groups (100 per group). The 200 members selected for groups (1) and (2) will be given free 12-month diamond memberships for their participation in the study as long as they follow the study protocol. 

Registration will be open for two weeks or until we have reached 300 eligible participants, whichever comes first.

Study Registration is Closed

Outcome measures:
Primary outcome:
Compare the rating changes between the two groups to assess the effectiveness of lessons after six months.

Secondary outcomes:

  1. Compare baseline data between the two groups.  Baseline data will include age, ratings, and games played.
  2. Compare endpoint data at six months between the two groups. Endpoint data will include rating changes, games played and lessons completed.
  3. Compare rating changes between the two groups at one month intervals leading up to the six-month completion date.

For more information:
Email Matt Jensen ( or message SmarterChess on

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