Jussupow's Queen's Gambit Declined by GM Magesh and GM Arun

Jussupow's Queen's Gambit Declined by GM Magesh and GM Arun‎

GM thamizhan
32 | Opening Theory

This week we shall see an interesting game in the Queen's Gambit Declined between Alexander Moiseenko and Artur Jussupow from the European Rapid Chess Championship. Moiseenko being a 2650+ player for quite some time and an opening theoratician who is also a member of the Olympiad-Winning Ukrainian Team this year against Jussupow, an experienced Grandmaster who has written excellent chess books and who has also worked with many of the top players and is also a specialist in the QGD system.


The Queen's Gambit Declined was played and White played a side-line in order to avoid the super solid Lasker defence and Black played precisely to create some counterplay and even managed to come out successfully.



The Lasker defence which was found by the former World Champion Emmanuel Lasker almost a hundred years ago still remains one of the safest and most solid structures for Black. As most of the readers would be aware of the 12th game between Veselin Topalov- Vishy Anand in their World Championship Match. Anand played the Lasker Variation and even managed to snatch a full point to retain his world championship title. 


In this game Moiseenko tried 6. Qc2 which is designed to avoid the Lasker Defence. But Jussupow being one of the most experienced players in the QGD played aggressively and won a nice game.






That was a nice finish in the end. Right from the opening Black was fighting for the initiative and when White slipped he managed to get some tactics and won comfortably. It is important to understand the QGD is not only a solid opening but in times it also turns out to be an opening to fight for initiative rather than playing for equality.

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