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Kasparov's Immortal!

Mar 12, 2009, 12:00 AM 18 Amazing Games

1st a Rook, then a Knight, and then another Rook! Garry Kasparov sacrificed all of these pieces and still managed to get the win against Veselin Topalov in Netherlands, 1999. Immortal? Yes... The action began with 24. Rxd4? cxd4 25. Re7+ Kb6 26. Qxd4+? Kxa5 27. b4+ Ka4 28. Qc3 Qxd5 29. Ra7 Bb7 30. Rxb7 Qc4 31. Qxf6 Kxa3 32. Qxa6+ Kxb4 33. c3+ Kxc3 and the assault continues for 11 moves until Black resigns at 44. Qa7! 

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