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Kings don't like open files

Sep 29, 2008, 12:00 AM 4 Tactics

This article is about a game I played about 7 weeks ago. Let me tell you a little background of myself as far as chess is concerned. I live in Lahore, Pakistan and I picked up chess from my cousins. One of my cousin is currently Lahore number 4 player and he inspires me to work more on my game. But I don't get enough time for it since being a software engineer doesn't help much or does it ?

I like to play chess but I haven't read much about openings and I am thinking on improving this area of my game. Before this game I read an article that showed a game of Morphy, and the idea/theme was "don't open files until your king is safe". I, kind of, liked the idea and in this game I saw a window of opportunity to implement it and I went for it. See for yourself below, I have tried to enter comments for moves where I knew what I was doing (normally I don't have much idea about piece development, just place pieces where I think they look pretty :) ).

Although I haven't done any analysis of the game in detail but I think there was not much hope for the white after that much damage, he is a full Rook down and the King is in open too. Let me know your thoughts on this.

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