Legal's mate

  • darksquares
  • | Nov 6, 2008

This game was played at the Cafe de la Regence in Paris. It is known as Legal's mate.


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    Thats amazingly epic!!

  • 7 months ago


    all  I needed!

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    Legal's mate aha. Never heard of it but it's because I'm a d4 player, who doesnt play the caro kahn... but got it right in a tactic :)

  • 2 years ago


    I remember my first attempt to play in a tournment at school when I was like 14 years old, learning to play chess. I lost with this mate... I got shocked! So humiliating. Hahahaha

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    No, this doesn't work against 4... Nc3 (right away) because Black can take the Knight instead of the Queen with a won position. Instead White should interpolate 5. h3. If Black takes the Knight White recaptures with the Queen and stands well. If Black plays 5... Bh5 *then* White can play 6. Nxe5 and you have the same situation as the text where Black either loses a pawn or the game.

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    cool .. will def work vs lesser players or good players who jump on it! Cool

  • 4 years ago


    jooe15    "  nc6 instead of the the g pawn still works... just make sure they like queens...alot... so they will take it...if they dont...   "

    I have got the opportunuty to do that 4 times.

    against one opponent it worked both times, the other opponent was more skeptikal and just took the free knight while still thretening my queen.

  • 5 years ago


    i just won using this!

  • 5 years ago


    nc6 instead of the the g pawn still works... just make sure they like queens...alot... so they will take it...if they dont...

  • 7 years ago


    lol i always try and make this mate a posibility when my opponent plays the philidor defense.

    not many people know about it in my experience.

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    This game was played by Legal in Paris more than 80 years before Morphy was even born. Besides Morphy did not like to play blind, and never did it against more than just a few. He may have copied Legal's mate against some weak player in an ordinary simul - I don't know, but that does not seem unlikely. I mean: I've played it against weak players too. But Morphy wasn't the first to play it.

    Some sources indicate that black (Mr. Saint-Brie) played 4..Nc6 and that Legal touched his f3 knight and was forced to move it. If this is true Black could have gained a huge advantage by recapturing with his knight on e5 instead of taking White´s queen. But in those days a player was not considered a true sportsman and gentleman unless he took the oponent's bate, so Black might not have been as weak as this game suggests.

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    This was actually a game played by Paul Morphy, and I think he was playing 31 games at the same time blindfolded (or so I heard Undecided). Anyway his opponents eyes' lit up when Morphy offered his queen. Fantastic game, even if he wasn't blindfolded. Laughing

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    This had to be a trap once he saw the g pawn move.  Very nice.

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    Wow that is good!

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    Nice Article

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