Lowest rank player can beat the 1st and 2nd rank player

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Tournament price

      1st price 10000$

      2nd price 8000$

      3rd price 5000$


After a long round or chess tournament it came out a result……

A lowest rank in the tournament scoring no win and no draw all game is lost offered a challenge to the first rank and to second rank a simultaneous play lowest rank against the 1st and  the 2nd …..

                             Both of them laugh and laugh!!!!!!!!!!!

Lowest rank person: sir! You are now the first rank. I had an offer to you sir.

                                  We had to play with bet. But there is a condition


Lowest rank person: sir! You are now the second rank.. I had an offer to you sir.

                                  We had to play with bet. But there is a condition




1.      I’m the one to choose my piece colour

2.      my bet is half of your money

3.      we have to play 10 meters away

4.      if the game is draw I am the winner

5.      our bet is 8000$ against half 4000$ which is mine


And both 1st and 2nd winner agree the condition because they have confidence to win that game Base on the result there opponent has no win and no match of them. But they did not know that there is a trap..


The lowest rank choose a white for board 1 and black for board 2

 And the games have begun…….

 He face first the board 2 which his piece is black when his opponent play e4 he did not reply yet he move first on the board 1 which his piece is white and he play also e4 ..and game is something like this ( see game below )....... the result is if the board 1 win the board 2 lost if board 2 win board one win if board 2 draw board 1 draw also...

if board 1 win he also win in board 2.. and board 2 pay him 8000$ for the bet

and he pay 4000$ to board 1 which he lost....he always gain 4000$ if there is a winner but if it is a draw according in the condition he win and both of them pay 8000$....


after a long game it result a draw 1st rank and 2nd rank review thier game...and the game is like they are playing

but the lowest rank it disappear quickly after the game and bear thier 16000$......


I have post this not to encourage everyone to do this in but to aware of these techniques.....

               play this anonation simultaineously                     

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