Marvelous Escapes!

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GM Julio_Becerra
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The late great chess player Reuben Fine wrote: “Drawn games are usually looked down upon by the chess public. The common attitude is that if anything is worthwhile it must have resulted in a clear-cut decision. This point of view compels editors to omit the scores of many really valuable games. And yet it is nothing but a prejudice nurtured by a long tradition. For since chess exerts the attraction it does largely because it is such an absorbing fight, we should judge games not by the outcome or by the superficial brilliancy, but the “blood”, sweat and tears” that went into them. Some games have become famous because one side handled his part abominably, while some of the most hard-fought and fascinating games on record have remained obscure simply because both side played well and a draw resulted.” No comments from me!

Everyone wants and everyone hopes to win-- it is true! But sometimes we desire not to die! It is imperative in chess to know many and many typical positions of draw where you can save half a point! Courage and virtue must be rewarded!

Today I want show you some positions that you do not forget! Remember: a draw is better than a loss!










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