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  • odirtyredo
  • | Feb 18, 2009

I think i am at the point where i am ready to start studying openings

any Idea on what opening i should start with and why?

what book(s) do you recomend i should read while trying to learn this opening?

any other advice or comments you would like to give or make please do.


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    Before committing to any one opening you should definitely consider Ken Smith's (FIDE master) advice:

    Depending on your level, pick one each for Black and White and stick with it ... plan on becoming the "world expert" in the opening of your choice.  Just pick one of each and buckle down with it ... work around the defects, improve the strengths ... just get a repertoire down and make it yours.  Read the other books as suits your time/temperment.  But stick with the program!  It's worked for me ... and hundreds (thousands?) of others.


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    Most of the time I have been playing E4 but recently i have been trying out D4. The Queen's gambit looks quite good. D4-D5-C4.

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    good opening

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    I use this opening, but I don't know what it's called. Someone please tell me, thanks.

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    I also should warn you that memorizing opening lines should be used sparingly, and that tactics and strategy are more important until you are about to hit NM level, from what I have read.

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    It really depends on your style of play.

    If you're a sharp player then you would like the kings gambit (1.e4.e5 2.f4) although there are many other replies to e4 than e5. You might also like the King's Indian Attack, 1.e4, 2.d3,3.Nd2,4.Nf3,5.g3 and 6.Bg2, which you can play against anything.






    If you are a positional player then 1.d4 is for you, quite possibly a catalan if you so wish.(look it up on the openings explorer if you are unsure what this is)

    As black then if you are a sharp player then the sicilian or the alekhine are for you, and possibly the king's indian defence.

    If you are a positional player then as black the Caro-Kan, the french, or the Nimzowitsch Sicilian are for you, against e4, and against d4 then the Nimzo-indian is definitely for you.

    As to any books, then the mammoth book of chess is  excellent all-round, especially in the opening, and My System is brilliant.

    Also good is Chess for Zebras and The Seven Deadly Chess Sins

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    please post this question in forums, and have a look at a possible answer in post#6 of this thread

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    1st: read My System by Aron Nimzovich (almost every GM has read it)

    2nd: go for the Catalan Opening, a d4 opening... (e4 openings has so many attacks and defences against it)

    3rd:  when you're already a "d4 solid player", experiment on e4 against's computer (not against any opponent unless you want to risk your rating)- and you'll know what I mean on the "2nd" above.

    And when you're bored, tinker on these:

    Irregular openings are chess openings with an unusual first move from White. Such openings include:

    All the best.

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