Are You A Puzzle Master?
Do you know your chess legends?

Are You A Puzzle Master?‎

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Are you a champion of the black and white squares? No, not the chessboard—the crossword puzzle!

In today's article, you can prove yourself a champion of both by completing the following crossword puzzle and demonstrating your knowledge of the great chess players of history.

Masters of the Chessboard by Don McKim

The game of chess takes on a “human face” when we look through chess history and see outstanding players who can be called “Masters of the Chessboard.”

The more we study chess history, the more we become familiar with many dimensions in the lives of these chess masters. There are lots of fascinating stories about them; and their lives are all vastly different. But they are united by their common devotion to chess and their abilities at the chessboard.

This crossword puzzle is devoted to some of the marvelous masters in chess history. Enjoy reflecting on those who have given us so many great games and displayed such a devotion to the game of chess!

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