Mating Patters #1 Gueridon's Mate

  • Chesser777
  • | May 14, 2008

 This is the first part of a couple of articles where i am gonna talk about mating patterns, each article will contain one mating pattern. The mating pattern now?Gueridon's Mate!


Gueridon's Mate


This mating pattern and mating net similar to the Epaulette Mate*1, however the blocking opposing pieces do not sandwich the opposing King and instead are located one rank behind him. While the Epaulette Mate almost always will occur with the opposing King sandwiched on a back rank (or in some rare cases on a wing), Gueridon's Mate can occur with the opposing King more centrally located on the board. The diagram below shows a couple of different positions for Gueridon's Mate as examples. The game example below, for which the final checkmate position is Gueridon's Mate occuring more centrally located, resulted from a trap which can occur in Philidor's Defense that Black either forgot or unknowingly fell into while playing the game.

(*1 Epaullete Mate coming later).


Diagram showing a Gueridon's Mate:

 Gueridon's Mate


 Game Showing a Gueridon's Mate:










Next mating pattern = Epaulette Mate. 


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    Thank you for the information..! Wink

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    Other way to mate. 

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    Nice eye god2 !
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    A very instructive article.
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    This is very instructive. I didn't know this kind of mate, thanx...
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    that was very nice!! 5 star I given!!

    knight move to the important position

    I think the game will be like this and this is fantastic!!!

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    Oops on comment of 7.Kxe6 i ment queen to e8 not to c8!
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