Mating with Minor Pieces: Two Knights

Mating with Minor Pieces: Two Knights‎

GM vbhat
30 | Middlegame

On my last tournament run in Europe, I had the good fortune of checkmating two opponents with a pair of minor pieces (bishop and knight and then two bishops). There were other pieces on the board, but the minor pieces did the heavy lifting. With that in mind, I wanted to show an older game, where I made my debut as a 1.d4 player.

This was in the first round of the 2005 Michael Franett Memorial in San Francisco, a 12-player round-robin with IM norm chances. My opponent, Alan Stein, was one of those IM norm aspirants. I had only played 2 serious tournaments in almost 3 years, and so I decided to make the switch to 1.d4 for this event. After that, it's stuck!

Question 1: If you had the white pieces here, how would you continue?

Question 2: How would you continue the attack here after 10...Ke7?

Question 3: What should White play here, (A) 16.Qf3 or (B) 16.Qf8?

Question 4: Now for a simple one - how does White finish Black off after 19...Nb4?

And here is the entire game in one viewer:
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