Moiseenko's Weapon against the King's Indian Defence

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by GM Magesh and GM Arun


This week we shall study an idea against the King's Indian Defence often played by Super Grandmaster Alexander Moiseenko. The King's Indian Defence in recent times has started doing well and many strong players have added this system to their repertoire. Many 1.d4 players hate to play against the KID since it is not a safe opening as Black soon starts an attack on the White king. So in our article we shall see an idea for White where he initiates an attack on Black's King.

Our first game is Moiseenko,A-Szelag,M Cappelle La Grande FRA 2008. In this game white executed his idea well and Black lost before he started any counterplay.



As Black underestimated White's attack on the kingside and lost pretty easily. Our next game is Moiseenko,A-Markos,J 44th Rubinstein Mem GM 2008. In this game White introduced a new idea in a similiar position as we saw in our first game and won pretty easily again.



Again Black lost without any fight. It is very clear from these two games that the position is far more easy for White to play than Black as he doesnt have a clear plan. Our next game is Moiseenko,A-McShane,L Aix-les-Bains FRA 2011.



All the three games were played with different plans and strategies. In the first game the idea Ng3, f4, e5, f5, Ne4 is a typical idea which can come in other openings like the Benoni as well.  It is more important for the readers to catch the plans from the openings rather than studying the openings themselves. We hope the readers got an interesting idea to play against the King's Indian Defence.

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