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1. e4 c5


Correct Response(s) - Many.  Nf3 being historically preferred.


Black decides to play the Sicilian Defense. Note some interesting intricacies in the position already!

- Black has asserted control on the queen side.

- The position is unbalanced.

- Black is (usually) preparing to play a more attacking game than with other reply's.

- Both black and white have the power to transpose/choose various variations.


Black has chosen the historically most common move among Grand Masters (by a very slim margin).  Book lines run deep and deviation is often suicide.  Although the position is clearly equal, with the original opening tempo still held by white, it is clear that black is not simply going to sit back and parry the white attack.  Black is intending to set up a fortress on the kingside whilst attacking the center and queenside viciously.  If white isn't careful to develop early, black may have all the fun and the two opponents may be shaking hands far too early.


 Any opening expert will tell you that, although long 'book following' draws are possible, both players seem ready to go for the throat.


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