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Check out the best chess games of strong players! How can you beat a World Champion? How can you beat Hikaru Nakamura with a quiet opening? How should you sacrifice two exchanges and win? Check out these brilliant games and more!

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GM Romain Edouard's Best Game:  Grandmaster Romain Edouard brings you his best attacking game ever! When the strong Grandmaster Vladislav Tkachiev surprised him in the opening, Romain kept his cool and unleashed an amazing attack in the style of Paul Morphy!

GM Georg Meier's Best Game: How do you beat a World Champion like Vladimir Kramnik? GM Georg Meier knows from experience! Watch as he explains every step of the way how he outwitted one of the greatest players of all time!

IM Tuan Minh Le's Best Game: IM Tuan Minh Le, one of the strongest online blitz players in the world, isn't so bad over the board either! He demonstrates his best game, an exciting win, where his opponent's queen went for checkmate and got stuck on the kingside!

GM Dejan Bojkov's Best Game:  Grandmaster Dejan Bojkov demonstrates his best game to date! It's a positional masterpiece against the Indian Grandmaster Dibyendu Barua. Find out how Dejan maneuvered his opponent's pieces to poor squares before finding a winning tactic!

NM Jeremy Kane's Best Game:   How do you score a quick win against a higher rated player without any flashy sacrifices? You need to stop all of your opponent's plans before they can cause any trouble. Check out NM Jeremy Kane's best game, a strategic win against FM Anton Paolo del Mundo.

GM Daniel Naroditsky's Best Game: See grandmaster Daniel Naroditsky's best ever game! It's a hard-fought win against Cuban grandmaster, Isan Reynaldo Ortiz Suárez, featuring two exchange sacrifices!

GM Ruslan Ponomariov's Best Game: Ruslan Ponomariov is a chess legend, so it's hard to choose his greatest game. So why not let Ruslan himself show you his choice, an amazing win against Hikaru Nakamura?

GM Krikor Sevag Mekhitarian Best Game: How does a grandmaster choose the best chess game he's ever played? Watch this game review by the engaging GM Krikor Sevag Mekhitarian, who tabs this Ponziani counter-gambit as the finest achievement on the chessboard.

What was the best game you ever played? Let us know in the comments!

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