My Best Games

My Best Games

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GM Roman Dzindzichashvili has traveled the world playing chess against the best man-kind has to offer. Not only has he come home with some great stories, but he's also played in some epic matches. This series is dedicated to some of Roman's finest accomplishments. Enjoy!

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My Best Games: Vs GM Grigorian Today GM Roman Dzindzichashvili begins a new video series: the display and personal review of his own best games. With every post-mortem analysis, you can expect to hear a story of chess as only Dzindzi can tell it. Here we see his famous battle against the late GM Karen Ashotovich Grigorian—where Roman makes "winning with a slight positional advantage" (a pawn minority on the queenside) look as simple to convert as a basic checkmate.

My Best Games: Vs GMs Speelman, Kupreichik Today Roman continues his video series on the discussion of his own best work! Two games: first a win over England's rising star (at the time) Jonathan Speelman, and second, a big "in house" win over his teammate, Viktor Kupreichik, that would determine the fate of the Soviet olympiad team at the time... Enjoy! 

My Best Games: Vs GM Walter Browne Witness another incredibly instructive game from's own "living-video-author-legend," GM Roman Dzindzichashvili. His game against Browne, from the 1984 New York International, takes a sharp turn. At the end of several tricky variations, the "imbalance" of opposite colored bishops makes for a dynamic struggle. When Dzindzi puts the game away with the brilliant h5-breakthrough, Browne finds that his evaluation of the position was, well, wrong!

My Best Games: Vs GM Vitaly Tseshkovsky We are certainly in for a treat today, as GM Dzindzichashvili continues his series on his own best games! Roman's incredible desperado rook sacrifice, featured in a Mark Dvoretsky book on attacking and calculation, left his strong opponent bewildered and dumbfounded. Though play was not perfect when computer analysis is applied, White's practical pressure was enough to take home the victory... Enjoy the spectacular finish as the white king journeys up the board! 

My Best Games: Vs Francisco Trois Roman cooks us a tasty dish this weekend, bringing us one of his best games—and with it, a highly instructive knight ending! Roman's flawless technique in this game is something to aspire towards, and his ability to use the principle of two weaknesses method is amazing! Ultimately, the threat of the "a4-pawn expressway" would lead to a lost position of zugzwang for black.

My Best Games: Vs GM Lev Alburt In one of the strongest tournaments of the era (early 1980's), Grandmaster Dzindzichashvili—currently in his prime—took first place against a field of some of the world's best! In the fifth and critical round, Dzindzi was faced off against GM Lev Alburt. When Dzindzi surprised Alburt by playing right into his "bread and butter" opening (Alekhine's Defense), Alburt never recovered and eventually lost in a positional battle.

My Best Games: Vs IM Leski In today's game, the Dzindzinator plays a "positional" rook sacrifice (yes, you read that right) for a long term form of compensation against black's uncoordinated pieces and exposed king. The attack climaxes with Roman's two passed central pawns (e and d) rolling up the board to checkmate the black king. Enjoy his creative play and demolition of the Dutch Defense.

My Best Games: Vs IM Herzog and GM Garcia Getting stomped by GM Roman Dzindzichashvili is not fun! Just ask IM Herzog and GM Garcia! In today's video, the Dzindzinator takes two players to smash-town with style. First we see a Four Pawns Attack/Benko Gambit go terribly wrong for white, then we witness Roman execute a flawless King's Indian Attack, culminating in a beautiful mating net with the queen and knights. 


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