CircleSquaredd's Chess Poetry

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The Royal Game

Capture the king
Is the royal game

Without mistake you must
Have a plan take shape

Prepare by all means
To fight for the king square

The pawns who aspire
To do good work

For his fellow
Against his mark

Pilot the game to your liking
Go fishing

An ocean full of possibility
No two games the same

A kingdom for commanding
Make inroads and outposts

To travel by horse or elephant
Learn when to surprise

To attack or defend
To deflect the hand with a sword

Ready shielded against spear
Sharpen weapons against the opponent's side

Fight as professionals
To the bare bones

Treasure nothing save the king
Tear down anything in your way

Holdfast and set traps

Try to think more than your opponent might
It takes will to peer into the depths

And knowledge to properly respect
What wise wisdom a simple chess game represents