My games Verses a GM and FM!

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Well as you all can see from my title..

I played a FM and GM!!

I played them both on I.C.C.

Well the GM the time control was 60 0..

After this game i wasted about 48 minutes and the GM wasted about 52 1/2 minutes.

Here it is.. No annotations but verse the FM i have annotations! Btw i lost..

His Info on FIDE is-

13401378  Guseinov, Gadir  g    AZE  2659  4.6  20  1986  M   

His username is GGuseinov and we played like 3-4 days ago, i accidently put June 24 :P
















I will Post my FM game shortly, enjoy this one!

My next game is verse a Fide Master, he is a titled FM player on ICC but unfortunately there is no FM list to find him who he is in real life,

There are only GM list (thats how i found gguseinov) and an IM list, but he is a FM. because it says he is a FM on the FM username list (so every1 on that list is a FM in real life), but i really wish there was a FM list so i could find out who he is in real life :(, oh well, maybe they'll invent 1 later.

Here is the game, he is currently 2372 rated on ICC

We played 45 20

He wasted 16 minutes i wasted 37 minutes

Happy Viewing (there are Annotations)
















Thats it for now! i will play tons more titled players in the future!

P.S. this clearly shows my strength in 45 minute + compared to my 15- ( i am horrible in 15- as i rush things)