My System, chapter one is online!

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  • | Sep 1, 2008

My System, chapter one arms players with the strategems they need to compete in the opening and early middlegame:

  • Lesson 1 covers §1.1- §1.3 which explain how to develop your pieces efficiently.
  • Lesson 2 covers §1.4 and deals with gaining tempi (time).
  • Lesson 3 covers §1.5 and discusses when and why to trade pieces.
  • Lesson 4 covers §1.6 and shows how to manage and control the center.
  • Lesson 5 covers §1.7 (pawn grabbing) and two deeply annotated games.


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    Thank you for the post..! The information in lessons 1-5 sure has helped me and my game a lot..! BRAVO..! Cool

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    really helpful chapter

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    Very Nice!

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    I think these 'lessons' are very useful even for those at our stage of learning. I've been facing troubles in early-middlegame due to slip-ups (nothing major, but...) in the opening - which, until now, I couldn't figure out. Reading these articles gave me just the places to look, for solutions.

    I agree with you on one thing though: they are not easy to practice in a game, suddenly. So, the path I've taken is to ask someone to help me practice through thorough application of these steps for every one of the first 12-moves of some of my past-games. I've just started that exercise, and I think something will come out of it. Hopefully, the opening move sequences/choices (e.g., whether or not to exchange) will get refined.

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    Thanks everyone for the encouragement!

    Dmytro - I should warn you that this book is not an ultimate truth.

    Few books are. One benefit of my interpretation is that I've updated his rules and examples to make them more relevant to the modern player. I think players in the 1400-2000 range will benefit most from this series, although there are folks both higher- and lower-rated following along and enjoying / learning from it. :)

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    The things I can learn from my system at my level is very little unfortunately Undecided.  I find that I end up agreeing with such high level material, but never in the middle of a game do I go "Hey, this is just like that chapter in my system".

    If any part of a chapter goes over my head, I never use it in game.

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    Thank you, excellent work.

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    Very good work!

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    Your work has been very helpful to me as well as many other players, thank you and I hope you continue! 

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    This would be a great resource for learners.

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    You are a great asset to the community. And a great mentor to a patzer like me. keep up the outstanding work.

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    If you've never heard of My System, here's an excerpt from an interview with Mark Taimanov, once one of the top ten players in the world:

    Lautier: What do you think were the best books written on chess ?

    Taimanov: As I said earlier, Bronstein's book on the Zurich tournament of 1953 is a masterpiece. However, the books of Nimzovich were those which made the deepest impression on me. During my learning years as a chess player, his books, among which "My System" obviously, played a fundamental role. When I teach chess, I always tell my pupils to study all of Nimzovich's books, I also recommend them those of Tarrasch. The latter had a gift to formulate in clear sentences the essential principles of our game. And of course, he is also the author of the most beautiful words written on chess: "Chess, like love and music, has the power to make people happy" (Smiles).

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    Most members already know about my series, but I want to make it easy for new members searching for strategy articles to find. Finishing chapter one's also a milestone. :)

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