Najdorf Classical System

Najdorf Classical System‎

GM thamizhan
33 | Opening Theory

by GM Magesh and GM Arun


This week we shall see a very modern interpretation of the Najdorf Classical system from the Tata Steel Chess Tournament 2011 between Magnus Carlsen and Hikaru Nakamura. Usually the classical system is more of a positional battle rather than a battleground for direct attacking ideas. But in this article we shall see the classical system being played in the spirit of the English attack. The players castled opposite sides, and soon began their attack on their enemy king's respectively and Carlsen managed to hold off Black's threats and soon crushed his opponent.




The point behind this move (normal would be O-O instead) is to gain space and also to get control over the d5-square. White clearly shows his interest in creating a kingside attack. Now let us see the game.




The system resembles more the English Attack than the classical system. Castling opposite sides, it is important for both sides to create an attack on the enemy king. The side that launches the attack first will come out successful. Black's 19th Move clearly made the difference. 19. ... Nec4!? was a possible alternative for Black. Carlsen has re-infused a forgotten system with life and we are sure there will be many followers. Now it is Black who has to find an idea to equalize against it. 

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