Name Your Pawns

Name Your Pawns

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Learn the best way to use your pawns to help you win the game! Simon Williams, the Ginger GM demonstrates the best uses of each pawn and their unique strengths and weaknesses.

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Arry The a-Pawn: Not Harry, Arry! Arry the a-pawn is an often overlooked piece on the edge of the board. However, even on the side he can help control the center. Learn from Simon Williams how to use your a-pawns to help your pieces and restrict your opponent's pieces.
Barry The b-Pawn:  GM Simon Williams loves to give away Barry the b-pawn! You can play the Evans Gambit, a wing gambit or even a positional sacrifice in the Sicilian. Learn how Barry can sacrifice himself to help you start a winning attack.

Charlie The c-Pawn:  In open games, the c-pawn often hides behind a knight, but in closed positions, you're probably going to need your c-pawn to fight for the center. GM Simon Williams demonstrates how the c-pawn can destroy your opponent's center or help defend your own center to prepare brilliant attacks!
Derek The d-Pawn:  Welcome to the center! The d-pawn is maybe the most valuable pawn on the board! Join GM Simon Williams as he demonstrates how to advance your d-pawn and dominate in the center.
Eddie The e-Pawn:  Eddie the e-pawn loves to race down the board and cramp the opponent. Learn from Simon Williams how to cause your opponent problems with Eddie in any opening!

Freddie The f-Pawn:  Freddie the f-pawn is often a key attacker! Check out how Simon Williams, the Ginger GM, uses Freddie to control the center and expose the enemy king!

Garry The g-Pawn:  Not Garry Kasparov, Garry the g-pawn! Simon Williams loves to use Garry to attack the opposing king and gain space on the kingside. Learn how he does it and the g-pawn advances that are all the rage at the top-level these days.

Harry The h-Pawn:  Harry the h-pawn is a wonderful attacker and a favorite of both Simon Williams and the engine AlphaZero! Learn when to advance Harry and when it's best to leave him at home.

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