New Language Support: Right-To-Left Languages, Customization, And More Lessons‎
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New Language Support: Right-To-Left Languages, Customization, And More Lessons‎

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The community comes from all over the world and speaks hundreds of languages. From Guinea-Bissau in Africa (with only 405 members) to the USA (with almost 10 million!),'s membership truly spans the globe.

To serve our community,'s web and mobile interfaces are currently translated into 57 languages. Web users can choose their interface language at while mobile users will see the app reflect the language they have selected for their mobile device.

We are always expanding our support for different languages, and we wanted to let our members know about three important new developments.

Right-To-Left Language Support Added!

Our development team has been working on right-to-left languages (languages which are read beginning at the right-hand side of the page or interface) for some time, and we are proud to announce that we turned right-to-left languages on last week.

Now supported are Arabic, Hebrew, and Farsi. To get these translations, simply turn them on in or make sure your app is updated and the appropriate language is selected for your mobile device.

Multiple Content Language Support Added!

Members on have control over two language settings on site. They can select their "interface language" as mentioned previously, but they may ALSO customize their "Content Language," choosing to receive news, articles, and videos in one or more languages.

Previously, we didn't have an ideal way for multi-lingual members to select all languages in which they might want content, but we've now added an option in your settings to receive content in any or all of our 57 available languages that you want. Simply select "Choose Languages" in the "Content Language" setting and hold the CTRL key to select all desired languages

Members that select multiple content languages will see content first in their interface language when it is available. Available In Eight Languages

For many, our most important content is our These are a great way to learn everything from the basic rules of chess up to complex strategies and advanced openings and endgames.

Currently, Lessons are available in English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Russian, Polish, and Korean! More languages, including Italian and Chinese, are coming soon as well. To access lessons in your desired language, simply make sure that you are using in the interface language in which you want to enjoy lessons and go to!

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