New Idea against the Chebanenko by GM Magesh and GM Arun

New Idea against the Chebanenko by GM Magesh and GM Arun‎

GM gmarunchess
18 | Opening Theory

The Super Solid Chebanenko has always been a trouble for 1.d4 players as we saw in the previous articles( and Although in our second article we saw this system from white's perspective, it was more of a positional approach. Hence this week we shall see an idea for white in which the game gets complicated in the early stage of the game.

The following idea was employed by Kramnik in his game against Ni Hua in the London Chess Classic, was followed by a few other elites, and has now become a serious threat against the Chebanenko. 

Let us see one of the recent games in this system between Vitiugov and Rodshtein from the World Team Championship 2010.


Looks like after 8. Qf3 e5 this position gets extremely complicated and finally it is white who is enjoying a pleasant edge. Black needs to find an improvement after 13.Qg4 or else stick to other alternatives like 6. ... Bf5, 8. ... e6. Although these variations are considered to be slightly better for white, there should be improvements for both sides. So it is Black who needs to find an idea against this new idea. We will be back with updates once Black finds one!!
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