New Mastery Course: Improve Your Puzzle Rush Score
GM Simon Williams shows you how to improve your Puzzle Rush score and your chess in this popular series.

New Mastery Course: Improve Your Puzzle Rush Score

26 | Tactics

Do you want to improve your puzzle rush score?

What a silly question. We all want to improve our Puzzle Rush score.

Puzzle Rush is a great way to learn how to quickly spot and calculate common tactical patterns. Improving your Puzzle Rush score ultimately means improving your chess too. After all, "chess is 99 percent tactics," according to Richard Teichmann.

In our new Mastery course, Improving Your Puzzle Rush Score with GM Simon Williams, you'll learn some common puzzle themes that might be neglected by other tactics courses. Since Puzzle Rush problems are taken from real games, these patterns are likely to occur in your blitz and bullet games as well.

Improve Your Puzzle Rush, GM Simon Williams
Course Outline:

This course features seven lessons looking at various tactics and strategies you can use during your Puzzle Rush session. While GM Williams intended the course to be completed in the following order, users can take lessons in any order they choose.

A Favorite Puzzle:

Here is one excellent example of geometry in Puzzle Rush. Can you solve the puzzle and name all the tactical themes at play? List them in the comments!

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