New Mastery Course: The Complete Caro Kann
2018 U.S. Champion Sam Shankland teaches the Caro Kann Defense.

New Mastery Course: The Complete Caro Kann

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Want to learn the Caro Kann Defense from a U.S. champion?

Few could have predicted just how bright the future was for GM Sam Shankland when he recorded his fantastic series on the Caro Kann Defense in 2012.

Six years later, Shankland broke through to the elite levels of chess with an incredible victory in the 2018 U.S. championship, surging past a very hot Fabiano Caruana, and surpassing a 2700 rating.

Shankland has always been a hard worker in chess, and it shows in this series where he's discussing one of his pet openings into which he's poured countless hours of preparation.

In this series, you can learn the traditional main lines, core sidelines and hot new lines. You'll find out what to do and what not to do. Dive in and pick up an outstanding new opening today!

Sam Shankland, US Champion, Caro Kann Defense
Course Outline:

This course features nine lessons covering the Caro Kann from many perspectives. You can study the course sequentially or just skip to the lessons that particularly interest you.

A Favorite Puzzle:

Every lesson features both a video and five challenge questions to help you test yourself on the core points and positions in the video.

In this challenge, can you find the best plan for Black in an important theoretical position?

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Here are a few samples:

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