PogChamps 2: All The Information's PogChamps features 16 incredible streamers battling for chess dominance!

PogChamps 2: All The Information

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The first PogChamps tournament was the sensation of the summer on Twitch. Incredible streamers such as xQc, MoistCr1tikal, and forsen competed for $50,000 in prizes and the title of PogChampion. The first PogChamps broke all chess viewership records and was frequently the number-one most viewed stream on all of Twitch. is thrilled to begin the next PogChamps on August 21 with 14 new streamers such as itshafu, Connoreatspants, and callmecarson. Two wildly popular streamers from the first PogChamps return: xQc and forsen.

Prior to the beginning of the group stages, all competitors will be able to receive live-streamed coaching from Twitch chess stars GM Hikaru Nakamura, WFM Alexandra Botez, IM Levy Rozman, WGM Qiyu Zhou, IM Danny Rensch, and IM Anna Rudolf.

Here's all the information you need to follow the 2020 PogChamps:

Broadcast and streaming:

All PogChamps matches will be broadcast live with master commentary on Players may choose to stream as well on their own channels on a delay and will not be permitted to use chat for outside assistance. Players who choose not to stream will be required to join a Zoom call for fair play and broadcast purposes.

2020 PogChamps Match Schedule:

Official match times for each game will be posted prior to the subsequent round of play. The dates for each stage of the event are as follows:

  • Group Stage: August 21-31
  • Quarterfinals: September 2-4
  • Semifinals: September 5
  • Finals: September 6

Group Match Schedule

Date Time (PT) Round Player Player
August 21 1:00 PM Round 1 Gripex90 Cizzorz
August 21 2:00 PM Round 1 Forsen Callmecarsonlive
August 21 3:00 PM Round 1 itshafu Davidpakman
August 22 1:00 PM Round 1 easywithaces xQc
August 22 2:00 PM Round 1 hafthorjulius wagamamatv
August 23 1:00 PM Round 1 Connoreatspants AustinShow
August 23 2:00 PM Round 1 dogdog TSM_ZexRow
August 23 3:00 PM Round 1 tfblade qtcinderella
August 24 1:00 PM Round 2 Gripex90 Forsen
August 24 2:00 PM Round 2 Cizzorz Callmecarsonlive
August 24 3:00 PM Round 2 Davidpakman xQc
August 26 12:00 PM Round 2 hafthorjulius AustinShow
August 26 1:00 PM Round 2 itshafu easywithaces
August 26 2:00 PM Round 2 wagamamatv Connoreatspants
August 27 2:00 PM Round 2 dogdog tfblade
August 27 3:00 PM Round 2 TSM_ZexRow qtcinderella
August 29 12:00 PM Round 3 Gripex90 Callmecarsonlive
August 29 2:00 PM Round 3 Davidpakman easywithaces
August 30 1:00 PM Round 3 hafthorjulius Connoreatspants
August 30 2:00 PM Round 3 wagamamatv AustinShow
August 30 3:00 PM Round 3 itshafu xQc
August 31 1:00 PM Round 3 dogdog qtcinderella
August 31 2:00 PM Round 3 TSM_ZexRow tfblade

Bracket Match Schedule

Date Time (PT) Round Player Player
September 2 1:00 PM Quarterfinals WagamamaTV dogdog
September 2 2:00 PM Quarterfinals Gripex90 Davidpakman
September 2 3:00 PM Quarterfinals Cizzorz xQc
September 3 12:00 PM Quarterfinals TFBlade Hafthorjulius
September 3 1:00 PM Quarterfinals Connoreatspants qtcinderella
September 3 2:00 PM Quarterfinals easywithaces Callmecarson
September 4 12:00 PM Quarterfinals Hafu Forsen
September 4 1:00 PM Quarterfinals TSM_Zexrow AustinShow
September 5 12:00 PM Semifinals Gripex90 dogdog
September 5 1:00 PM Semifinals easywithaces TSM_Zexrow
September 5 2:00 PM Semifinals Cizzorz QTCinderella
September 5 3:00 PM Semifinals itshafu TFBlade
September 6 1:00 PM Final Cizzorz easywithaces
September 6 2:00 PM Final itshafu Gripex90

2020 PogChamps Prize Fund 

Total Prize Fund: $50,000

Each player's winnings are determined by how far they advance into the PogChamps.

Group Stage: 16 players, $4,000 prize pool.

  • Each group stage winner (4 total) wins a $1,000 prize

Championship Bracket: 8 players, $30,000 prize pool

  • PogChamps Winner: $10,000
  • 2nd Place: $6,000
  • Semifinalist (2): $3,000
  • Quarterfinalist (4): $2,000

Consolation Bracket: 8 players, $16,000 prize pool 

  • 1st Place: $3,500
  • 2nd Place: $2,500
  • Semifinalist (2): $2,000
  • Quarterfinalist (4): $1,500


Groups and Seeding

  • Groups will be seeded by an average of Blitz and Rapid rating on
  • Ratings will be locked for seeding purposes on Monday, August 17th at 3pm PDT.

Group A Group B Group C Group D
Gripex90 itshafu dogdog hafthorjulius
Cizzorz Davidpakman TSM_ZexRow wagamamatv
Forsen easywithaces tfblade Connoreatspants
CallmeCarsonlive xQc qtcinderella AustinShow

Group Stage

  • The 16 players will be split into four groups of four players each, determined by the seeding above.
  • In this phase, players will face each of the three opponents in their group in a match.
  • Each match will consist of two 10+5 games, the player with the highest seed will play white first.
  • In case of a tied match after two games, an "Armageddon" game will be played. White will have five minutes, and Black will have 4. The player who has the higher CAPS (accuracy) score from the 2-game match will choose their color for the Armageddon tiebreak.
  • Players will earn 3 points for each match won outright, 2 points for each match won via Armageddon tiebreak, 1 point for each match lost via Armageddon tiebreak, and 0 points for each match lost outright.
  • At the end of group play, each group will be ranked by points accumulated.
  • The top two players advance to the Championship bracket, and the remaining two players advance to the Consolation Bracket.

In the case of a tie on points, the first tiebreak is average CAPS score across all three games.

Championship and Consolation Brackets

  • Each bracket will consist of eight players, with predetermined seeding to ensure competitive equity.
  • Both brackets will follow a single-elimination format, with the winner of each match progressing to the next round.
  • Matches will consist of two 10+5 games, where the higher seed will get White to play first. In the case of a draw, a sudden death 3+0 game will be used to determine a winner, with the higher seed playing with the white pieces. In case of a draw in the tiebreaks, the colors will alternate until there is a winner.
  • If players share identical seeds from group play, the player with the higher CAPS (accuracy) score from their previous round non-tiebreak game(s) will receive the white pieces to play first in the 10+5 games and will play white in the 3+0 tiebreak.


The complete field :

  • xQc

xqc pogchamps

  • forsen

forsen pogchamps

  • itshafu

itshafu pogchamps

  • Connoreatspants

  • Hafþór Björnsson

hafthor pogchamps

  • Austin Show

austinshow pogchamps

  • Cizzorz

cizzorz pogchamps

  • David Pakman

david pakman pogchamps

  • tfblade

tfblade pogchamps

  • easywithaces

easywithaces pogchamps

  • Gripex90

gripex90 pogchamps

  • TSM_ZexRow

  • QTCinderella

qtcinderella pogchamps

  • wagamamatv

wagamamatv pogchamps

  • dogdog

dogdog pogchamps

  • CallMeCarson

callmecarsson pogchamps

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Tune in this Friday on August 21 to catch the opening day of the 2020 PogChamps. The event will be streamed live on

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