Nicky Nip: Master at 9!

Nicky Nip: Master at 9!‎

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Nicky Nip of San Francisco is America's youngest master ever, still just 9 years old (the picture is from 2006). He earned the title in torunaments and matches such as the one in December where he beat me 4-2. He has a FIDE rating over  2100 which is consistent with his USCF rating of 2207.

Here are the games from our match, with notes. I made some errors but was pleased with the win, an opening crush that was devastating. His preparation wasn't up to the task. I had good positions in some other games, but was faced with tough decisions I didn't navigate well enough.

 The games were played at game/60 time control and had a few spectators. 

I have another interesting game with Nip at


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