Oh Nooo! and I don´t know!!

Oh Nooo! and I don´t know!!

| 8 | For Beginners

We all know the feeling... you make your move with the unpleasant sensation something is not quite right. You look again and you realise you just lost your queen! It happened to Karpov so don´t feel that bad, as you can see in move 29 of this game.





However that´s not even close to the worst thing that can happen to you in chess. It´s much worse when you actually don´t know what when wrong and you still lost. In fact one of the best ways to improve your game is to replay the games you´ve lost and work out which was your first mistake. You might think this is great advice coming from someone that looses more games than he wins but needless to say I don´t follow my own advice that well. 

So lets start with one of the many games I´ve lost, there are many mistakes but which was the first one?  







Do you have any games you just don´t know when you lost the plot? Getting someone or even yourself to analyse the whole game is both tedious and difficult, but if you just try to find your first mistake with every game you loose you might take longer to make it next time.