On Ademi

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I started playing chess since i was  6 years old. I played until I was 12 mostly with relatives and ocasionally with the few friends I have who play the game. Anyway, I entered a chess tournament my high school organized and ended up in third place loosing in the most childish way. I stopped playing because I got interested in other subjects like music and med school. I signed up to at the end of last  year and found out how much i enjoyed playing. I've learned a lot ever since and went from falling from 900 of chess rating to my current 1460 or so. I've seen how great chess works as a mental excercise and how well it relaxes me after hours of studying. One day, as I browsed over the games of other players, I came across a  member by the name of Ademi. When I saw his first game, he had a rating of about 1300 or so. However, it was his technique and unique strategy w hat made me grow fond of his games. I added him as a friend and followed his chess career. He is now the 9th best player in the game and has lost only one match against the number one member of (although it wasnt a one-sided match i must add). I've learned a lot just by checking out his moves and the way he is always three steps ahead of his opponents. He lures players into traps that are five or more moves from working and that finally makes his opponents resign. I invite all new chess players out there to look for this guy in the member files and study his moves. I believe he is soon to become the best player in this site and his skills have taught me a lot.