The One-Two Chess Combo

The One-Two Chess Combo

GM Gserper
28 | Tactics

Today we are going to continue our analysis of "chess-boxing" combos.

According to Wikipedia, in boxing, the one-two combo is a nickname of a jab and cross combo.

In chess, the one-two combo starts with a queen jab, which we discussed here. Then a bishop and a rook finish the job. 

Here is a good old example:

One of the most well-known examples of the one-two combo could have happened in the following famous game by Bronstein.

For me, just like for many other chess players, it was the first game that demostrated the concept.


Even though this tactical pattern is widely known, from time to time even strong grandmasters fall for it!


As you could see, this simple combination is extremely powerful and leads to an immediate checkmate.  

I hope you'll never miss it in your games!

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