Opening Traps Volume 1

| 13 | Opening Theory

Welcome to the world of chess, by now I am sure you have expiranced hightened victories and sour defeats at the hands of many different people.  Well I would rather not waste any more of your precious time so without further adue I introduce the entire reasoning behind this article and that is of course (opening traps) O yes we love them, they are amazing and we just love to use them, to see our opposition cringe and go into psycological turmoil over their defeat as you slide a smug smile over your face.  O well it's fair in chess as they say so today we are going to be looking at some common opening traps.

The first trap that we are looking at is in a standard e4 opening, pay attention and you might learn something...or nothing..


 Alright had enough of traps yet? Good because here is the next one, this one is very interesting and is even debateable if it is really a trap because you don't really go up in pieces but the postion could be argued.







 The key behind this trap is the fork allowing you to attack to pieces at once and regain the knight that was given away, very tricky but I can't tell you how many times chessmaster personallity annad got me into the same situation well I guess I could tell you if I counted hmm..Anyway on to the next trap which comes up in the Queen's Gambit accepted opening if you opponet tries to hold onto the pawn yes very interesting, let us take a look shall we...







 Well that completes all my traps I will show you for volume 1, got to keep some for myself after all.  I hope you enjoyed this edition of opening traps and will read my other editions as well.  Always remember that opening traps are no substitute for solid opening principles and I reccomend not getting caught up in them because in all honesty I promote endgame study myself but opening traps are fun and I enjoy them and I hope you will too.

By ZZBrandon