Openings for Tactical Players: King's Indian Attack

Openings for Tactical Players: King's Indian Attack‎

GM Gserper
34 | Tactics

Last week we discussed one of the most aggressive openings against 1.d4 - King's Indian Defense (KID). But for the true KID fans it's not enough to play it against just 1.d4.  They want to play their favorite opening in every single game, even when they play White! Fortunately for them, such an opportunity exists and it is called the King's Indian Attack (KIA).  It starts with 1.e4 followed by d3, Nd2, Ngf3, g3, Bg2, and 0-0.  Sometimes the same set-up can be reached via different move orders (for example 1.Nf3, 2. g3, 3. Bg2, 4.0-0, 5. d3, 6. Nbd2, 7. e4 etc.)

White's plan in the KIA is as straightforward as in the KID: just attack the opponent's King and don't worry about anything else :)  In most the cases, White closes the center by playing e5 and then brings all his pieces towards the King's side untill his attack reaches critical mass and becomes unstoppable. 

This opening became extremely popular thanks to the efforts of Bobby Fischer who created a number of masterpieces there.  Let's learn the ideas of the opening from the Guru himself. (Just like in all my articles I give you a chance to test your attacking skills, so the games are given as a Quiz.  Please remember that you can always replay the whole game from the first move if you click "Solution" and then "Move list".)


The next game is a very good example of a typical KIA attack where one blow follows another until Black is unable to defend.  This game also shows another advantage of the KIA.  In most of the cases your opponents are well prepared to play their favorite openings and they just hate it when instead of the ultra solid French or Caro-Kann they have to defend against the KIA.  Watch how GM Wolfgang Uhlmann (arguably the all-time best expert in the French Defense) was literary destroyed in the KIA!
The beauty of the KIA is that unlike most other openings, there are no opening variations to learn.  White simply builds the same attacking set-up  against almost any Black moves. And since the opening was Bobby Fischer's favorite, it cannot be bad!  Give it a try and surprise your opponents with a vicious attack that will suddenly appear out of nowhere!
Good luck!
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